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Domus is a simple and very unbalanced city managment game where you need to build your city, accept newcomers and try to keep all of them happy.

About the game

At the start of the game, you're given a loan of $500000 which you need to spend wisely to develop your city as fast as possible while keeping it happy and in tact. To develop it fast, you need to have as many higher tier buildings as possible, and to keep your citizens happy, you need to fulfill all of their needs by clicking on the buildings with a popup above them. As you grow your city you will get more revenue as well as more elite newcomers with higher tier buildings. If you don't have enough money to buy higher tier buildings, you should get some trees because they attract newcomers too.

How to play?

To get going, you just need to buy a few buildings and wait for new citizens to come. In the meantime you can keep your citizens happy by clicking the buildings that have popups above them. After earning enough money, you should stop buying tier 1 buildings and focus on tier 2 and 3. If you place a building incorrectly or just want to remove it, just use the bulldozer tool at the bottom right and click on the building you want to remove. You will be refunded 25% of the purchase price.


Left click on a building with a popup - fixes citizens problem and removes the popup

Left click on a building with the bulldozer tool - removes the building and refunds 25% of the purchase price

Keys W, A, S, D - moving the camera around

Mouse scroll wheel - zooming in/outa

Left click/Escape key while a building/bulldozer tool is selected - deselects the current tool/building

R key - rotate a building


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A bit repetitive after a while, but entertaining nevertheless. :0

Some houses instantiate inside others, which make them unreachable.